Recognising Potential
Realising Great Performances

Artistic Director

“Music is about Us – not about me”

When we give the gift of music to others, we serve. Musicians serve composers, the players who play their notes for them and audiences who come to listen and enjoy.  Gyula serves organizations to make them better, inspiring others to perform in ways they didn't think previously possible - beyond their best. His passion is to create and deliver excellence for the listener. Just like the varied nature of his programs, so would his love of diverse music manifest itself in the multi-genre, eclectic approach to choosing music for a festival. Gyula's experience with initiating new ensembles has taught him the foundations of ensemble infrastructure.

"Arts organizations can’t effectively function without infrastructure, and I can’t lead without collaborating effectively with others."

  • Team collaboration and management
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Building relationships with soloists, artists, administrators
  • Logistics:  venues, ticketing, staging
  • Sourcing music and the best editions

Artistic Directing available for: (will travel interstate and overseas)

  • Festivals
  • Concert Programming
  • Orchestras and chamber orchestras
  • Initiating the foundation of new groups, having founded:
  • Marlene Orchestra (2000)
  • Apollo Health Music Society Orchestra (2003)
  • La Fraternita di Solisti Chamber Orchestra (2012)
  • Melbourne Uni. BioMedical Orchestra (2017)

Mobile: 0437 564 179  –